The 3rd Annual Meeting, like the previous ones, is prepared for builders and architects. The organizer was the Management Forum Starnberg.

According to Management Forum Starnberg, interest in "modular construction" increased from annual convention to annual convention. On the one hand, this shows the importance of modular construction in our time and how unknown it is nevertheless.



Many builders and architects assume false assumptions and achievements in modular construction. The annual conference "Modular Construction" is an excellent platform to present this alternative and complex construction system, which does not differ in quality and efficiency from a conventional construction method. Undisputed are the advantages of industrial prefabrication in modular construction. Amongst others, the significantly shorter construction time, the quality assurance and time adherence.

New, getting used to and yet interesting is the different planning process for architects in modular construction compared to a conventional construction method. In modular construction, planning must be completed down to the smallest detail before production can commence. This requires a certain amount of rethinking.

At the Modulbau 2018, 14 speakers gave lectures on various topics. Thus, the organizer ensured that the modular construction could be considered from many points of view.

Much to the delight of ADK, Mr. Michael Johnston gave a keynote speech on the first modularly built hotel in Russia. General contractor was here ADK Modulraum. Johnston was a manager at RHZ, a hotel investment company that commissioned ADK to build the Holiday Inn Hotel in Voronezh. Among other things, he reported on the difficulties in Russia and on the decision for a modular construction and how the election on ADK came about.

Here the lecture Michael Johnsten "Hotel new building of the hotel chain Holiday Inn Express in Voronezh / Russia" as PDF Download

Mr. Robert Kohler, Managing Partner of ADK Modulraum was asked to give a talk on "Coordination of the logistics process with authorities".

Here, too, it became clear how complex this division is in modular construction. From planning to execution, including the collection of all special permits, this requires not only enormous expertise but also a great deal of time.

Here the lecture Robert Kohler "Coordination of the logistics process with authorities" as PDF Download

ADK would like to thank the visitors of our information booth. We hope to have answered the many questions and look forward to seeing you again.

Of course, ADK Modulraum will also be represented at Modulbau 2019 next year.

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