ADK Modulraum

Module parts for Voith-Arena: A road sign stops the journey.

ADK Modulraum

On the Monday evening, many heavy haulages were carried through the city with components for the new business club of the 1. FC Heidenheim - until a traffic sign stopped the journey of the giants.

They bring huge modular components for the recent expansion of the FCH business club at the Voith Arena: On Monday evening, many heavy haulages transported from Neresheim to Heidenheim. So far so good. The journey - as is customary for such convoys - took place slowly, but steadily.



Until there was an abrupt end between Friedrich-Ebert-Strasse and the "Ohr" on the B 19. The reason: a traffic sign attached to it stood in the way of the transports.

At a late hour, the Heidenheim Fire Department arrived at around 11 pm to remove the disturbing shield with the aid of a crane. Until just before midnight, the B 19 was therefore blocked for the rest of the traffic. A redirection has been established.

Source: Heidenheimer Zeitung, Author: Erwin Bachmann, Pictures: Markus Brandhuber

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