ADK is currently realizing an extension of operating rooms for the Agaplesion Hospital in Holzminden in a modular design, which is being built with a considerable total height of 7 meters on a support structure to the existing building.

OP Holzminden Modulbau

The ultra-modern hybrid operating room enables an operation and also simultaneous x-rays through a robot-supported fluoroscopy system. A corresponding required radiation protection equipment made of millimeter-thick lead isolates the remaining area, which contains another 4 operating rooms, from the X-rays.

OP Holzminden Modulbauweise

ADK was able to win over this complex project through appropriate technical know-how, numerous comparable references and many years of experience. Likewise, logistical problems, which can occur with such transports aktuell during the vacation and vacation season, could be circumvented by exact factory and detail planning. There is much more behind the concept of ADK's modular construction than just a modular system bound to fixed grids.


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