Future OT Tübingen 2019

Universitätsklinikum Tübingen

Venue of the conference Future OP 2019 is the University Hospital Tübingen.

The organizer is the Management Forum Starnberg. ADK is a Gold Partner exhibitor at this conference.


The Program:

➢  Sustainable concepts for new construction and renovation of operating theaters
➢  Planning, construction and commissioning
➢  Strategic key figures in the OT
➢  The OT process of the future
➢  Innovative personnel and logistics concepts
➢  Digitization and AI in the OR


The Target Groups:

This conference is aimed at hospital executives who are responsible for planning, building and operating OPs, including business and administrative management, medical directors, surgeons and anesthesiologists. We also speak to representatives of hospital administrators, industry and services, architecture and engineering firms.


For more Information please visit the homepage of our partner Managementforum Starnberg.

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