OP in Modulbau


On Tuesday and Wednesday the 6th and 7th of March 2018, nine ADK modules were delivered to the Helios Clinic in Titisee-Neustadt by means of heavy transport. 

The core pieces are 2 OPs, each 16 meters long, a good 5 meters wide and a good three meters high, weighing 33 tons. In addition there are recovery room, a sterile goods warehouse, rest and changing room, technical rooms. All modules were prefabricated at the ADK plant in Neresheim. 

The modular OR attachment is docked directly to the existing clinic building. Thus, both buildings are directly connected. Existing medical applications and facilities will be integrated into the modular operating theaters. 

The construction of this new surgical department takes only a few days. There is no expensive construction site equipment necessary. The final mounting is almost noiseless. Thus, the patients are not disturbed in their rest. It even creates a welcome side effect. The start of the heavy transporter and the huge cranes are a real eye-catcher. Many patients shoot photos directly from the nursing home. 

The surgical departments realized by ADK are always planned and manufactured as long-term solutions. Thanks to their modular design, these buildings can still be used very flexibly, both for extensions and for changing locations. 

In this project for the Helios clinic, a temporary solution was used. After completion of the clinic renovation, the modules are dismantled again and can be fully utilized in another location.


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