Karlsruhe Institute of Technology focuses on sustainable and resource-saving WOOD-HYBRID CONSTRUCTION

The Karlsruhe Institute of Technology, KIT for short, is the largest German research institution and one of the largest scientific institutions in Europe. Besides excellent teaching, top-level research and innovation are among the central tasks of KIT. To be able to fulfill these, KIT relies on an extension by ADK Modulraum GmbH from Neresheim.

The two-storey laboratory building for inorganic chemistry comprises 14 modules, which were built in the ADK plant within a few weeks in wood-hybrid construction due to the high degree of prefabrication. Only the very highly stressed structural components are made of recyclable steel and all other structures are made of the renewable raw material wood. Essential requirements such as optimum humidity, high construction speed and maximum precision can be guaranteed by the specialist. For the need-specific equipment, ADK relies among others on worldwide leading, specialized manufacturers for laboratory and clean room technology.

Currently, the modules are being transported to Karlsruhe, where the final assembly will be carried out. Since the ventilation system has already been installed in the factory, the largest module with a length of over 20 meters and a width of 5.50 meters results in a considerable transport weight of approx. 40 tons.
Completion is scheduled for February 2021.


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