Modular construction made of steel and wood

Mr. Kohler, the managing director of ADK, gave a lecture on modular construction made of steel and wood at the Bau 2019 on January 14th.


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Since the building material concrete consists of the slowly dwindling resource sand and this additionally negatively affects the environment, it makes sense to inquire about steel and wood as alternatives in building construction.

The steel scores with its properties in many ways. It is economical, flexible, resource efficient and of high quality. Its 100% recyclability also makes it sustainable and creates a permanent cycle of materials. An advantage of the system construction is the weather-independent and industrial prefabrication. The prefabricated blanks of the steel profiles guarantee an immediate start of production. The result is extremely durable steel structures, whereby even large spans are possible. In addition to high quality, the fire, sound and heat protection meets high DIN requirements. However, Robert Kohler also noted that these requirements in steel construction require highly qualified specialist personnel. Furthermore, the bottom beam developed from a certain span a natural vibration.


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The next item on the agenda was wood. Just like steel, it is resource and energy efficient, economical and stable. In addition, wood is a renewable raw material that is biologically recyclable and thus gentle on the environment and climate. Nevertheless, it provides good thermal protection and is resistant to high temperatures. The cost-effective material also convinces by a high load capacity and weight-bearing capacity with low weight, but is flammable and repairs to supporting elements are complicated.

Mr. Kohler ended his talk with several projects already realized by ADK, which were made from the alternatives to concrete.


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The complete german lecture is available as PDF here:

Vortrag Modulare Gebäude aus Stahl und Holz


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