Due to an extensive expansion and reconstruction of the Klinikum Osnabrück, an urgent need for an additional surgical unit arose. Therefore, the Klinikum turned to the specialist in building modular clinics and laboratories - ADK Modulraum. Due to the high degree of prefabrication of the ADK modular construction method, the construction time is reduced by up to 70% and also offers a significantly higher construction quality due to the industrial production.

Consisting of five modules, the extension building contains an OR including preparation and post-operative rooms, a recovery room and  changing rooms - all on one floor. Since the largest module, with a length of just under 16 meters and a width of 5.70 meters, has a considerable transport weight of approx. 50  tons, the approval of the transport became the greatest challenge. The total transport weighs more than 160 tons in total and is therefore usually only allowed to drive over bridges on its own. Due to the width and height, road construction sites and tunnels have to be bypassed on a large scale, which means that the transport route from the module construction specialist in Neresheim, Swabia, to the Osnabrück Clinic is approximately twice as long. The usual 520 km distance is thus turned into over 1,000 km.

However, the ADK team together with its logistics partner was able to master this challenge through precise planning and appropriate preparation. The modules are ready for delivery and are currently being transported to Osnabrück, where they are assembled on site. The completion is planned until the end of November 2020.

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