The modular design is the construction system of the future. The industrial prefabrication of buildings is predestined for a future-oriented development of all process flows. In the interplay of management and employees, ADK Modulraum has become a market leader in modular construction - worldwide. And it should stay that way.

Architecture needs personalities. Let us shape the future together. Come to ADK.

Since over 14 years, ADK produces high-quality buildings in modular design.

In our own production hall in Neresheim, individual room modules are prefabricated, including all equipment. In the final assembly, these modules are assembled into one structure. The modular building is complete.

We can proudly look back on and forward to positive business development.

All areas of business are covered at our location in Neresheim. This fosters the productive collaboration of all employees and elevates the efficiency of our company.

We take responsibility


Responsibility is a way of life for ADK Modulraum. Corporate responsibility means keeping the consequences in mind during every decision. ADK acts sustainably in order to be a good employer long-term, to stay competitive, to delight customers, to protect the environment, and to preserve a future worth living in for future generations.

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