Current Projects

ADK is realizing a three-story office building for AWO Heidenheim. 33 modules   were brought with 33 heavy transports from the ADK plant in Neresheim to Heidenheim for final assembly  .

18 modules were transported to expand the office buildings of Maschinenfabrik Kemper   from the ADK plant in Neresheim, Baden-Württemberg, to Stadtlohn in North Rhine-Westphalia. This corresponds to a distance of approx. 580 km.

Würzburg, BASF, Placing and Transport of the modules, modular construction, ADK Modulraum

At the 28th June 2019 the transport of 9 modules took place. Because of a short-term site on the planned route to Würzburg – two of the modules  had to detour due to their width.

Grünstadt, surgery department for rent, modular construction, district hospital

On 22 June SWR reported about the new surgery department for rent for the district hospital in Grünstadt. Click here to read the article: SWR article

Wiesbaden, increase, modular construction, office building, ADK Modulraum

An additional floor of a company builiding was getting realized in modular construction in Wiesbaden. The modules with a total floor area of 380 m² get prefabricated in the factory of ADK in Neresheim.