Production Manager

My way to ADK:

In the summer of 2008, my employment began on the recommendation of a friend at ADK Modulraum. As blacksmith and mechanical engineer, I started my activity in steel construction. Today I am deputy production manager with the specialization final construction of the ADK modular construction. I am responsible for the complete interior work including the installation up to the transportable provision of the room modules.

My greatest challenge:

I would like to describe two projects with different emphases.

German embassy building for Kabul, Afghanistan.
The extraordinary architecture was a real challenge. Taking into account high structural safety requirements, a very individual design with curved arcades and an extraordinary façade was created on a blank sheet of paper. The modules had to fit 100 percent, since a repair on site was no longer possible. This was a milestone for the ADK hybrid module construction.

Neurology Hospital in Novosibirsk, Russia.
368 modules had to be finished in a minimum of time. The modules were including all medical applications such as operating theaters, radiology and more, 95 percent prefabricated in Neresheim. A particular challenge was the coordination of the subcontractors, who had to complete their orders "just in time". We were able to complete this project successfully.
One of the most modern hospitals in Russia was built in Novosibirsk with approximately 18,000 square meters.


Self-responsibility is written "big" at ADK. New ideas or improvements are not only desirable, but are also taken on board if they are useful. Self-initiative and decision-making joyfulness is highly recognized. If you are wrong, a solution will be found in the team. True to the motto: "A wrong decision is still better than none". I appreciate working independently and I am grateful that you get enough free space at ADK.