Moderate leasing, secure financing, unbureaucratic rent

On request we can provide you with the finished, fully furnished object available as a leasing or rental option.

Taking into consideration your requirements and needs, and on a very simple principle: Pay-as-you-earn. This means that the lease payments are made out of the investment costs from each earned income.

A pre-financing of the investment is therefore avoided.  You can use the remaining liquidity for other purposes - even income increasing -. The lease payments are distributed comfortably on the operating life of the object and therefore also to the period in which the object brings income. Without advance funding you avoid financial overloads. 

The usage payment can be flexible during the entire period. Us as the ADK Group is important that rental and lease terms are defined from the beginning, while remaining transparent, clear and fair to all participants. We have the focus on predictability, flexibility and liquidity. On request ADK Leasing will finance the object. Safe, simple and clear. We find the right solution for your project.