SAP SE, the biggest European software manufacturer, is building two extraordinary administrative complexes in southern Germany.

On over 20,000 square meters, office space is being created for approx. 800 new employees.

ADK Modulraum was commissioned with the realization as general contractor.

Over 20,000 square meters

Over 500 modules

8 months construction time

SAP chooses ADK


As a Swabian company, ADK Modulraum GmbH has earned an excellent reputation in modular construction, both nationally and internationally.

The prerequisite for this was the solid and high-quality projects. In particular, the construction of complex modular buildings such as   exceptional office buildings such as the Merck Innovation Center, hospitals including hybrid operating theaters, laboratories and cleanrooms, and embassies with strict security requirements.

SAP has chosen ADK Modulraum as prime contractor for the realization of these two office buildings. One reason for this was that ADK has the ability to implement sophisticated buildings in terms of quality and fascination in the interests of the client.

The design and overall concept was developed by SCOPE Architekten GmbH.

The design responds to the demands of our time, to counter strong business growth with a quality as well as unconventional architectural solution. The architecture takes up the modular idea in cubature and arises against the background of an agile and collaborative workplace concept.

Modular construction as a style direction


Almost all architectural styles can be realized in modular design. Often it is not even possible for savvy viewers to distinguish a modular building from a conventionally built building.

A difference in the look makes the planned and implemented building in the cube architectural style. Here is even a modular design can be displayed. 

The SCOPE architects have designed for SAP the new office buildings in this style. ADK has already implemented this architecture at the Merck Innovation Center.