Hybrid modular construction is a successful symbiosis from any building system


1. Step

  • Creation of the pre-construction drawings

  • Creation of work plans

  • Building physics calculations

  • Revit 3D CAD

  • Planning of the technical Building equipment and structural analysis
Modulbau Planung Systemdarstellung

2. Step
Structural work

  • Setting welding forms

  • Welding roof- and floor framework

  • Welding walls

  • Assembly of the modules

  • Planking modules with gypsum fiber boards
Modulbau Planung Systemdarstellung

3. Step
Interior work

  • Creating drywall

  • Installing doors and windows

  • Painting work

  • Floor covering work

  • etc.
Modulbau Planung Systemdarstellung

4. Step
Mechanical installations

  • Electrical installations

  • Prepare heating installation

  • Prepare sanitary installation

  • Room ventilation system installation

  • Gas installation

  • etc.
Modulbau Planung Systemdarstellung

5. Step
Furnishing and fittings

  • Installation of built-in furniture

  • Installation of medical Technology

  • Install racks (for data centers)

  • Install Hotel furnishings
Modulbau Planung Systemdarstellung

6. Step

  • Packing the modules

  • Loading the modules on the truck
Modulbau Planung Systemdarstellung

7. Step
Transportation of the modules

  • Road transport

  • Transport by ship

  • Transport by rail

  • Transport as air cargo

  • Multimodal transport
Modulbau Planung Systemdarstellung

8. Step
Installation of the modules on the site

  • Cranage

  • Closing of the module couplings

  • Completion of the facade

  • Completion of the roof

  • Coupling of the mechanical installations

  • Completion furnishing/fittings

  • Installing lift systems
Modulbau Planung Systemdarstellung

9. Step
Building inspection and handover of the complete building project together with our Project management

  • Handover building

  • Handover mechanical installation

  • Handover project
Modulbau Planung Systemdarstellung