Prefabrication of the Building in the Factory

Prefabrication in construction in individual areas and forms is already common in many buildings systems today.

However, the highest degree of prefabrication by the realisation of buildings is reached with the Modular Construction method.

Here, up to 90 percent of all construction work can be done at the factory. The final completion

at the destination takes up little time and extent.

Arguments for the Prefabrication

  • process-optimised production 

  • short construction time

  • Adherence to deadlines

  • highest quality

  • gridless planning options

Development in the Construction Industry

  • lack of skilled employees

  • shortening of construction times for economic reasons

  • increased requirements for deadline security

  • higher sensitivity to long construction times and construction noise

Modular Building Types

New Building

Building Extension


The Pioneers of Modular Construction

Walter Gropius

Konrad Wachsmann

Frank Lloyd Wright